Business Review on 3 Year hotel performance for Hotel Hexagon based from accounting

The report will constitute a detailed and full analysis of hotel performance at the end of the simulation which incorporates all the Managerial Accounting concepts addressed throughout the term. 
Here is the structure of the report:
Part 1 (10 points) – Future Perspective
Consider the key executive decisions for the hotel for the 3 years. Refer to the 
Mission, Aims and Objectives of your hotel for the coming year. 
Part 2 (20 points) – Future Perspective
Construct the Operational Plan for year four presenting the major actions that have 
been decided to reach next year’s objectives in terms of: 
• Sales prices and product definition (rooms, F&B, extra services); 
• Staff: number of staff members, wages, training; 
• Advertisement action plan (channel, segment and budget); 
• Refurbishment, Facilities and Services 
• Debt and reimbursement. 
Part 3 (40 points) : Future Perspective
Budgets for the next three years (years 4, 5 and 6) : 
• Assumptions used to determine revenues and costs 
• Operations Budget 
• Financial Plan 
• Provisional Balance Sheets 
Part 4 (30 points): Analyse critically your 3 years of operations, with the following points. 
• The Contribution Margin in the Room Division for Year Two. 
• The Contribution Margin Ratio for the F&B Division for Year Two. 
• The Return on Investment for each year. Please include both ROE and Total Capitalization ratios. 
• The break-even revenues for the totality of your hotel operation. 
• In retrospect, describe the decisions that you would now take to have improved your overall ROI. 
• The recommendations in improving hotel’s performance 
PLEASE OPEN THIS WEBSITE: All the data of the hotel are on this website and the Password: be13b
Send the document in Docx.
1 additional page of Summary


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