Business Reading Analysis

Please write three business analysis about three reading questions attached to below,

Here are basic Writing Criteria for this paper:

1.Clear, logical, assertive topic sentence (first of each paragraph) that directly responds to the question
2. Paragraph focuses on only topic sentence claim – NO TOPIC DRIFT
3.Adequate, accurate and specific evidence that strongly supports topic sentence claim without plagiarizing
4. Thorough analysis that flows logically from the chosen evidence and demonstrates an understanding of the source material.
5. Balance of relevant evidence and student analysis to support the topic sentence claim.
6. Writing is clear and understandable.
7. Analyze – this is you explaining fully, even if you feel the information was implied.
8. If the company makes a statement, try to tell the reader where/when and how it was made. (on Youtube? In an interview with the NYTimes….and on what date? )
9. Use month, day and year when you give a date
10. One – nine = words 10 -1000000000 = numbers ( except in time, dates and millions)
11. First time = Timothy Coombs, Crisis communication expert or Christina Owings, CEO of Google …..second time use Coombs or Owings ( family name )


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