Business Ethics scenarios


"Identify, investigate and critically analyse ONE contemporary cases/scenarios of Business Ethical Concern. With regard to the social and political role of business in society, critique The case/scenario from a maximum of two of the following theoretical perspectives:
Utilitarianism, Kantian theory, An Ethic of Care, Virtue, and Postmodern Ethics.
" -Identifying and Investigating: Business ethics issues are reported upon regularly in the media. Conduct an ongoing and thorough investigation of the incidents that have been reported on in the web/ newspapers/ television/ radio, since the start of this year 2014. But remember you have been encouraged to do your own searches from the start. -Writing the coursework
Step 1 Describe – Identify the facts: Briefly outline the case How did the situation come about? What are the key Issues? Who are the stakeholders? Whose rights are involved if any? Identify any duties – who has them? Identify any virtues, or precedents
Step 2 Discern – identify the ethical issues: What are the most significant issues (where there are more than one give no more than two) Are there conflicting interests, if so, which are the most important? Are there conflicting rights? Which carry the most weight? Are there any conflicts of duty, which should take precedence?
Step 3 Critique your case /scenario from a theoretical perspective (s) Consider the social and political role of business in society How does your chosen ethical theoretical perspective (s) apply to the case/scenario? What light do they shine upon potential outcomes/principles/duties/actions etc might their application entail/ suggest? – As you are using 2 ethical theoretical perspectives for the case, do they suggest conflicting or similar outcomes/principles/duties/actions etc, might their application entail/ suggest? Further Guidance: Reading: please refer to reading list below References should be given in the text to show evidence of wider reading. Learning outcomes for the sework Identify and critically analyse key national and international issues in Business Ethics Apply ethical reasoning to a range of contemporary business issues. Critically discuss the social and philosophical nature of ethics within a business context. Critically examine the contexts and contemporary debates of responsible business Cultivate an interest in current affairs concerning the ethical impact of business on society and the individual. Asessing The Coursework: Understanding of the relevance of social and political theory, in addition to ethical theory in the study of Business Ethics. Ability to apply theory in a critical manner to real world examples of Business Ethical concern Demonstration of ‘moral imagination Effective use of journal articles -Good answer will have critical, rather than merely descriptive, reference to theory and its applicability to examples of practice. -Good answers will show evidence of wider reading Reading: please refer to reading list below References should be given in the text to show evidence of wider reading. Reading List:
Crane, A, & Matten, D, (2010), Business Ethics, Oxford University Press. Velasquez, Manuel, G. (7th Ed.), (2012), Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases, Prentice Hall. Fisher C & Lovell A, (2009), Business Ethics & Values, FT/Prentice Hall Rowson, R., (2006), Working Ethics – how to be fair in a culturally complex world, Jessica Kingsley Publishing, London and Philadelphia Bickle, R. & Scott Cato, M. (2008) New Views of Society S.L.R.P. Glasgow Kline, J. (2010), Ethics for International Business, Routledge JOURNALS Journal of Business Ethics Business Ethics Quarterly Harvard Business Review Institute of Business Ethics, website, which provides resources *Goodpaster, K., in Bowie, N., 2002, The Blackwell Guide to Business Ethics, Blackwell, Oxfordless

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