Buisness plan

Assignment: Business plan
A comprehensive business plan for a new start-up venture focusing on a new product or service in the retail industry produced on a group basis

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the theories surrounding SME development/growth/survival and how they relate to the wider environment of business support and economic development.
2. Assess the relevance and impact of Government initiatives in relation to the needs of SMEs, especially during start up phases.
3. Develop and evaluate business plans taking into account issues such as time management, business/market research, team management (including co-ordination and delegation), and presentation skills.

* The assignment is presented in an excellent business plan format. There is a clear logical flow between the sections, making it very easy to follow the arguments. The level of grammar and spelling is excellent. Citations and references are in the appropriate format.

* Clear demonstration of a sophisticated and thorough understanding of a business plan and its related aspects.

* Clear demonstration of a sophisticated level of criticality in respect of core concepts and theories. Clear evidence of the ability to synthesize theory and practice to draw well-argued and logically constructed business plan with sound supporting evidences.


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