Blue Diamond Orchid

This outline go with order 11860953. I was not satisfied with order. Please follow outline below.

Mutant, Non-Existing Plant (put in the plant you are researching here)

I. Why did you choose this topic?
a) because my instructor made me (please chose a better reason!)

II. What is the commercial importance of your topic?
a) important agricultural crop

b) uses

III. What is the history of your topic

IV. Discuss the particular biology and ecology of your topic
a) annual crop plant
b) grows best in a Mediterranean climate (include temperature range, rainfall…)
c) tall plant (3 m or 9 feet tall) and must be hand-harvested

V. Discuss the nutritional, pharmacological and/or therapeutic properties of your topic
a) drug uses
b) nutritional label information

VI. What are the current developments (economic, ecological, political, commercial, therapeutic) regarding your plant topic?
a) Genetically Modified (GM)
-controversial, not allowed to grow or sell products in all countries
b) High use of pesticides and fertilizers
-run off into waterways causes eutrophication


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