Biweekly blog entries

You will have biweekly blog entries, (250-300 words), 25 points each—six of them mandatory and one optional but if you turn in all seven blogs, we will drop one of your blogs with the lowest score. You will be turning in your blog entries on a biweekly basis. These blog entries will be about the particular theme of the readings we cover in those two weeks. You will find examples of popular culture in their various connections to religion or vice versa, and other issues in the readings, and connect them to pictures, movies, music links, video clips, comic books, news articles, or other forms of popular culture and religious forms you may find. You will post them in your blog and then explain what they are examples of, how they show the connection between religion and pop culture, or are themselves connected to religion and popular culture, and the particular issues of our reading of those two week period to which they relate. Do not forget to show how your examples are related to our readings or to the films we may have watched in the class. You will post your blogs through Blackboard. They are always due on Saturday by Midnight. Your blog grade will be based on the following factors:

–Explaining where you have taken the example, and why the example is relevant to our course (5 points); explaining the connection between the example and the readings (10 points). Providing your own analysis of your example and its significance, the quality of your argument and writing (10). Note that these blog entries need to show you have done the readings, or watched the movies and thought about them carefully and critically. Please also make sure to articulate your informed analysis and avoid such statements as: “I like it,” or this is good or bad or right or wrong. The entries are not about judgments but should indicate that you have read, watched, and thought critically, and learned through the process. They have to be turned in on time. You will lose point on each late day, 2 points per late day, and after five days we may not accept them unless you talk to us.


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