Biofeedback Lab
An interesting area of research now is in the field of the mind-body experience. It is becoming evident that the mind can influence the biological functions. This lab shows the effect of visualization on the blood pressure.
A subject is needed which may be the student if an automated blood pressure cuff is available. Or the experiment may be doen at the local Walgreen’s if public attention is not a problem. If blood pressure equipment is not available, schedule time in the lab here at KCKCC OR try to use equipment at other schools in the area..
1. First take a sitting blood pressure reading and pulse rate. Record the data.
2. Then tell the subject to close his/her eyes and relax. Tell them to visualize a warm beach and that they are lying on the beach and their hands are getting warm from the hot sand and the hot sun. Also tell them to visualize that their blood vessels are relaxing. CONTINUE THE VISUALIZATION FOR 5 – 10 MINUTES.
3. Then retake the blood pressure and pulse after 10 minutes, record it Note any differences.
4. Continue the visualization for 10 more minutes and retake the blood pressure again.
5. Repeat the experiment visualizing and uncomfortable or threatening situation. Examples might include being locked out of the car in the Walmart parking lot at 3AM with a temperature of 20 degrees, or your worst job interview.
6. Report the results in the discussion section of the course. Write a report regarding the results in the proper lab report format and submit it below. Be sure that all the data is presented IN THE REPORT. Post your comments to the Discussion Forum.


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