Assess variance analysis and how it is used by management

Budgeting and Variance Analysis

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Explain how budgeting is used as part of the planning process in a healthcare organization.
  • Assess variance analysis and how it is used by management.
  • Calculate various types of cost variances.

Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:

HA520-5: Describe the overall planning process and the key components of the financial plan.

HA520-6: Apply financial management skills of performance measurement and financial controls in organizations.


Solve the following financial problems from your textbook, and submit the answers, including your work, in a Word or Excel document:

Question 8.1 from page 296, Chapter 8

Question 8.2 from page 296 , Chapter 8

Question 8.3 from page 296, Chapter 8

Problem 8.1 from page 296, Chapter 8

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