artifacts that demonstrate your mastery of the outcomes

You will find and/or create artifacts that demonstrate your mastery of the outcomes. Each artifact will be accompanied by a rationale that explains how the artifact demonstrates your mastery and provides context for the artifact. Each rationale should be approximately 1/2 page in length. You are encouraged to use examples of your work from the course as artifacts. This could include copies of your discussions, pdf. files, screen shots, doc. files, or any other work for the course. When you use an example of your work from the course, you must include information regarding where the artifact came from (Activity number, discussion post title, etc.) and date. This will enable you to save and prep the articles for consolidation before posting them in Module 9. Topic of Paper: The causes and impacts of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. And the major contributions the post office made in the development of commercial aviation. Also if there are any YouTube videos that can be tied into the topic that would be great as well.


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