Arc Flash Safety in Company XYZ

This order is about writing a Master Dissertation. The Dissertation’s Topic is “arc flash safety in company XYZ”. This Dissertation should be written in PAST TENSE. The Dissertation should be submitted chapter by chapter. So, It’s important to be flexible in the revision deadline and make it open because I don’t know when I will receive my professor feedback. REMEMBER: YOU MUST USE THE TEMPLATE. Please make sure NO Survey, NO Interview, NO Questionnaire (use direct observation). Please, U.S Writer Only, Use as many sources as you want but professional sources.
please avoid the following wards : (50% of the grade) please avoid the following : (About A lot Anyone Anything Around Asked Bad Began Begin Best Better Big Bigger Biggest Bit Bring Bringing Broke Broken Bunch Call Called Came Can Come Coming Couple Did Do Does Done Doing Easier Easy Everything Feel Feels Felt Find Finding Fix Fixing Flip Found Gave Get Gist Give Given Gives Giving Go Goes Going Good Got Grab Had Happen Happening Happens Happens Had Having Help Here Hit Huge Hunched Job Jostle Keep Keeping Kept Kind Knocks Laid-out Lesser Lesson Let Let go Like Look Looked Looking Made Make Makes Making Many More Most Mostly Much Nothing Nowadays Ought Pick Picking Poor Put Putting Really Run Running Said Same Saw Say Scoot See Seeing Seem Seems Seen Should Show Showed Showing Shown Shows So Some Something Spent Spot-on Stay Step up Sure Take Taken Takes Tell Thing Think Those Took Try Trying Very Way Ways Want Well Went Whilst Worse Worsening Worst)


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