Arabs in Ottoman History


  1. CHECK: In my instructions I stated the introduction has to be one paragraph only.


  1. CHECK: The thesis statement:
  • THESIS STATEMENT HAS TO BE THE LAST sentence in the introduction paragraph.





  1. CHECK: I asked for THREE BODY PARAGRAPHS ONLY; thus I need three body only.


  1. CHECK: EACH BODY PARAGRAPH HAS TO HAVE A TOPIC SENTENCE that will explain what the body paragraph will be about; give me a general idea on what this body paragraph will be about.
    1. Body One topic sentence example: The Lulu Soap was bad because it cased stains on the new car. (then explain / give evidence ).
    2. Body Two topic sentence example: The Lulu Soap was bad because it had a bad smell on the new car. explain / give evidence ).
    3. Body Three topic sentence example: The Lulu Soap was bad because it allowed the dirt to stick on the explain / give evidence ).


You don’t have to do the exact same format but you have to introduce at the beginning of each paragraph a topic sentence on what the paragph will be about, and remember that this topic sentence is a part from the thesis statement.


  1. CHECK: Please DELETE ANY NEW INFORAMTION you have introduced in the conclusion; I do not want any new information here.


  1. CHECK: The conclusion HAS TO BE A SUMMARY TO THE THREE BODY PARAGRAPHS using more sophisticated and mature words; be careful not to restate exactly


  1. CHECK: DID YOU USE THE SOURCES FAIRLY? In other words, do not use source X once and you use source Y six times for example.


  1. Did you follow the sample of referencing (the attached document)?



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