Approval of a book titled: HOW TO CREATE MONEY

Oder Description

Verbal or Web Page Presentation (50 marks)
Format: Submit URL or YouTube clip to the Discussion Board AND submit to the Assignment Dropbox.
Design and construct an oral presentation or a website which will present your topic in a persuasive manner. Either presentation must be fully functioning as a video clip on a server and available for viewing by the due date and for 1-2 weeks afterwards. If it is a trial membership that expires before I see it, it’s hard to give you the marks you deserve for your work.
Most ISP’s provide a web site server for their clients, or you can use a free web- hosting service on the net (e.g. Freewebs, Geocities, Angelfire, Firefox). Your site must be online and working — not submitted on disk.
Apply the document design criteria, and the criteria you used in the evaluation of other websites. Do not just include links–make yours a destination site with original content. Remember to avoid plagiarizing other oral presentations or web pages by using your own words and using citations. A plagiarized webpage will result in a mark of 0.
Also include a list of current references, but be sure to include more than just links to websites. Do your research and include relevant books, journals, magazines, newspaper clippings, etc. Remember that providing evidence is persuasive. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a reference.
NOTE: It does not have to be a huge presentation or website. Aim for about 4-6 minutes in your video presentation and about 4-6 web pages for a web presentation. Students who have never used html language before can still do this assignment. Most web-hosting sites provide simple templates and instructions to follow.
Post your oral presentation as a viewable video clip or list your website’s complete URL in the Student Webpage forum, so students can easily view it by simply clicking on your link. Give the topic of your webpage in the subject line of the posting. AND submit it to the Assignment Dropbox
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