App proposal plan

Your business proposal must be very thorough. It should be able to provide the prospective invstor with everything they need to know to be able to make an informed decision. As such, it should include the following:

Executive Summary–a 1-2 page document that neatly summarizes the contents of the entire document.
Discussion of what the proposed business is, what it will do, what it will sell, etc., and who the target market is. Be sure to justify the need for this business by showing how there is great potential demand not currently being met. Be sure to discuss the market opportunity thoroughly.
Describe in detail the service(s) the proposed business will offer. 
The Revenue Model–how will your proposed business generate revenues? Bear in mind that Instagram never sold anything! It is possible for you to create the next killer app, and be riding solely on investor and start-up capital. But you need to be able to defend such a practice.
Pricing Strategy for products/services. How does it compare to that of other competitors in existence?
Promotional Plan for the business—how you will communicate your business to your relevant markets.
Identify the competition (if any), analyze them, and demonstrate your competitive advantage.
Describe the management team. That’s your team, and whoever else you think would be needed to lead such a firm.
Discuss other staffing needs (programmers, graphic artists, etc.).
Projected costs to establish the business (like the app itself, a website (if you use one), etc. Be sure to go beyond just the first year.
ProForma Cash Flow statement.
ProForma Income Statements up to three years out.
ProForma Balance Sheet


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