Antibiotics for otitis media


A. Review the sources of evidence listed above and do the following:
1. Classify the type of each source of evidence as either a general information resource,
a filtered resource, or an unfiltered resource.
2. Discuss whether each source of evidence is appropriate for this nursing practice
3. Classify each source of evidence as primary research evidence, evidence summary,
evidence-based guideline, or none of these.
B. Review the article (see ?Clinical Practice Guideline? attached below) and do the
1. Discuss whether watchful waiting is an appropriate approach for treating children
with acute otitis media, based on the evidence presented in the article.
C. Discuss how you would apply the findings in the attached article to improve nursing
practice in the clinic.
D. Discuss ethical issues that could arise in researching and changing clinical practice
guidelines, based on the evidence-based research.
1. Include issues of vulnerable populations, confidentiality, and informed consent when
research involves children.
E. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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