Analyzing Psalms

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write an analysis of four of the texts provided below. Each analysis should be one page each (12pt font double spaced).

Psalms 19
Psalms 112
Psalms 76
Psalms 100
Psalms 148
Psalms 12
Psalms 13
Psalms 14

The following should be used as a guide for analyzing each text:
1. content and tone? there clashing?
b. any swift changes in mood?
2. Parallelism
a. identify/ categorize
b.what is the function?
3. Identify building blocks
a. invocation
b. petition
c. praise
d. call to praise
e. vow of praise
f. complaint.
4. Identify imagery
a. similes
b. metaphors
5. any word play? (refer to commentaries)
6. other rhetorical features (leitwort, anaphora, etc.)
7. Is there an image of god?

the following text can be used as a reference for the analysis

Global bible commentary , Daniel Pat Editor
The Harper Collins Study Bible
The Book of Psalms: A translation with Commentary, Robert Alter
The spirituality of the Psalms, Walter Brueggemann
An Introduction to the Psalms, Alistair Hunter
Sounding in Theology of Psalms, Rolf Jacobson
Womens Bibel Commentary, Carol A. Newsom, Sharon H. Ringe, Jacqueline E. Lapsley

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