Analysis of the related issues from the recent election using Socrates’ arguments

To analyze two or three related issues (the economy and terrorism are the top two issues for voters, as well as abortion) from the recent election using Socrates’ arguments. You may use the other philosophers ideas such as:
-Thrasymachus (Justice is the advantage of the stronger);
-Cephalos (To be just is to pay back what you owe);
The thesis statement has to be very strong based on the related issues and the arguments themselves.
But everything has to be consisted and each issue (part) related to another.
You have to use the most suitable arguments for the paper. Below you may find the list of the arguments:
– The difference between rhetoric which influences masses and is based on beliefs and philosophy.
– The difference between improving humans in sophistry and philosophy.
– The difference between making a worse argument appear stronger and revealing truth.
– The significance of recollection/learning for the happy/good life.
– The difference between conventional and natural norms.
– Different understandings of justice.
– Understanding of the structure and function of the soul.
– Understanding virtues of the soul and their functions.
– Understanding of the Good and the approach to it, and what makes good laws.
– Understanding of master-slave relationship and enslaving the power of desires.
Below, there is an additional specific material for your better understanding and mentioning that information in writing the paper.


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