Analysis of Management Topics


Students are required to turn in a thought paper of two to three pages long (15%). It could be about a thought arisen from reading the assigned readings or discussion in previous class, a criticism of the readings, or new insight on cases assigned for the class. You shall prepare to talk about these papers in class.
You are also required to read a classic or a recent influential book on business management, broadly defined. You may pick one out the list at the end or find one for yourself with my approval. Your choice must not be a textbook. Other than that, it can be an academic or practitioner oriented book, or even a novel, as long as it provides an insightful view on business. Finding an exciting and audacious choice that fits the above criteria would be an advantage to you. I can give you advice when you make your decision. You will first explain your choice in class and then give an interim report in the middle of the term. Lastly, you will submit a report that summarizes the content, illustrates some important, exciting points of view, and makes critical evaluation on the strengths and weaknesses of the publication (15%).3pages

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