Analysis of Green Supply Chain Management Practices within the Construction Industry

The following is a indication of writing a Full Project Capstone Project “Thesis” in the field of Construction Management which is sub division of Civil Engineering. Eventually, The Project has been gone through certain phases; the proposal phase “attached”, the second phase which was kind of an overview of what will look for “glimpse” ; in other words, few Articles Summary, moving over to the 3rd phase which was about the thesis ‘Project” Problems, Objectives and Questions, after completing these three stages, the project went to the 4th phase which was much more about the Project approach. Consequently, the project has to be executed, to be done in terms of putting all details, charts, data’s related to the GSCM ‘Green Supply Chain Management”. Initially, the Project has to be done completely no later than March 3rd 2016.
If passable, in order to make the process much easier, I prefer Writer “U254213” to work on this Project thesis since he was the one who completed phase 4 “Project approach”
further information will be given after this inquiry has been replied.


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