Analysis of a Macro Approach to Community Problems

Answer the following questions. After reviewing the article, use the article that you select to support your thoughts (direct quotes, paraphrase, etc.,) but be sure to cite your sources. Do not limit your discussion to one sentence answers

1. What is the community problem/needs identified in the article and describe
the target population
2. What community practice model or strategy was utilized in the article to
solve the problem(s)?
3. How would you explain the approach as macro practice? In your explanation, utilize knowledge from other reading assignments to justify your analysis.
4. Describe micro, mezzo, and macro activities, interventions, and skills discussed in the article.
5. Briefly summarize some of the outcomes.
6. Describe the evaluation conducted or recommended.
7. Impressions: What interested you in this article; what thoughts do you have about the approaches with the target population; and if you have knowledge or experience with this problem, how might this approach be applied to where you are from


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