An emergency management related event that is connected with Mississippi

This paper is an abstract and proposal of a research paper to be written. In the paper I want to examine the increasing danger related to climate change and its relativity to Mississippi in particular. Recently parts of Mississippi have be hit with tornadoes causing an interest in the emergency management field. I will examine the concerns of the Department of Homeland Security pertaining to climate change and evaluate precautions and capabilities of the nation and specially Mississippi. The assignment for your paper is the abstract that will introduce and propose these intensions and explain the relevance and importance of the subject. The use of 3 sources in required and while also be used by myself in the future paper. The should support the importance of climate change and the effects it is having on the weather in the US. Also that Mississippi is on the coast and was heavily effected by Hurricane Katrina. Its future for increasing safety from severe weather is the main concern of the paper and the experience Mississippi had with Katrina. The abstract should express the importance of considering Katrina in relation to the dangers of other conditions brought on by extreme weather like the recent tornadoes, that will increase with the progression of global warming and climate change. The main part of the assignment is to relate the emergency management event of Katrina with Mississippi and the new dangers of severe weather and what we can do about it. Just make sure the abstract proposes those intensions clearly . Thank you and please ask about any concerns.


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