AMPA receptor in thalamus and absence epilepsy


in this essay you have to use neuron citation style for the references
it should be around 1500 words
Please follow the structure like below :
1- write an introduction defining the absence epilepsy and give a brief about it
2- link it to loss of AMPA receptors in the thalamus
3- write a theory for it . e.g: you could use stargazer mice in one of the articles
4- Past findings- you must talk about the EEG findings and Past drugs and past results found (you could use menus article in the attachments)
(in this part you must describe the development of the exact cellular mechanism)
5- problems with the past findings so far
6- conclusion and please write future suggestions.
I will upload you all articles I found to be used with this essay and you are more than welcome to use different one and not to use all of them if you included all requirements however, there are 3 articles have to be used: those articles you will find on the sheet of the structures
One more thing: I have just done with another assignment associated with this essay _ it is a summary and critical bibliography for the 3 articles u must used for this essay – wish it would help u
Please make sure that you follow all structures of this essay I mentioned above
I will also upload you with the beginning of the essay I have just started it
Please you must finish it with the deadline as I need more time to revise it before I submit it
It is worth 25% towards my finals I do not want to loose marks on it

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