American Diabetes Association and obesity





Population Health and Community Specific Health Promotion Education

BSN Student Name

Baptist School of Health Professions

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Title of Paper Repeated Exactly As It Appears On Title Page (Not Bold)

Describe what you are going to talk about in your paper. In general this introductory paragraph should briefly touch on each content areas (health promotion issue, the need for teaching specific to the community, and construction of a teaching product.)

Health Promotion Issue and Agency

[Header should match paper. Example: Foot Care and the American Diabetes Association]

Provide data/statistics specific to the issue to be addressed by the teaching intervention. Help the reader understand the scope of this specific issue and how the agency is involved.

Community-Specific Health Promotion Teaching

The initial one to two paragraphs should discuss teaching product construction. Define the target population and associated education/reading level and health literacy. Assess and report the reading level of your product. Following your discussion of teaching product construction, include one to two paragraphs that delineate your plan for disseminating the teaching product. Here you are helping the reader understand why your plan matches the target audience.


As always, the conclusion is a recap of what has been presented and is an analysis, synthesis, and summary of the information presented in the paper. Highlight key points relative to the health promotion issue, the need for teaching specific to the community, and construction of a teaching product.


Your teaching product will be a separate document.


[Note: If you created the teaching product in Word—the product itself could be an attachment to this paper. Otherwise, simply upload the teaching product as a separate document.]


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