Advanced Strategic Management, the questions for the topic are in the order instructions

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The subject is Advanced Strategic Management
2500 words have to be allocated to 3 questions
1)? Analyse Google’s decision to acquire Nest and discuss whether it enables
Google to generate strategic profits in the smart-home industry. (1000 words)
2)? Too big to innovate? Discuss reasons and examples for why established
firms tend to miss disruptive change. (750 words)
3)? Discuss the design of a strategic decision-making process that addresses
the uncertainty inherent in allocating resources to innovation. (750 words)
The number of sources can be different, feel free to add more if needed. The sources below have to be used in the essay. I will also upload some slides that should be referred to and will give you understanding of what was taught during the course and how the questions above have to be addressed.
Core text:
Johnson, G. and Scholes, K. and Whittington, R. (2008). Exploring Corporate Strategy. Text and Cases (8th edition). Harlow: Financial Times/Prentice Hall.
Additional texts:
Barney, J.B. and Hesterley, W.S. (2010). Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage. International Edition. (3rd edition)
Besanko D, Dranove D and Shanley M (2009) Economics of Strategy. New York: John Wiley & Sons (5th edition)

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