Academic journal article about a distance learning course

I’m looking for an experienced writer who can write a 3500 word article plus citations on the subject of an online course and its significance. The writer does not need to have any subject matter expertise on the topic, but does need to synthesize text based on some background research, demographic data, and course evaluation data. The course itself does not need to be taken in order to write the paper, although the writer will be given access to it in order to become familiar with it.

The article is already partially written, and there is somewhat of an outline for it, but the writer can either write completely new text or change what has already been written as he/she sees fit. I will provide some of the background research that has already been found, access to the course, and a different paper written about a similar topic that can serve as a model. Although this may sound like a paper to submit for a class, it is not. I’ll provide more details before you start which will make it easier to write.

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