A study on Industrial psychology, Employees Recruitment & Selection in Service Industries in KSA

The sequence in which the project report material should be arranged and bound should be as follows:

1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Table of Contents
4. List of Tables
5. List of Figures
6. Chapters
7. Reference
8. Appendices

Abstract – Abstract should be an essay type of narrative not more than one or half a page, outlining the problem, the methodology used for tackling it and a summary of the findings.

​Chapters – The chapters may be broadly divided into the following parts:

(i) Introduction chapter:
It is not more than two pages include introduction about Industrial psychology, recruitment and selection and overview about service industry in KSA that you studied.

(ii) Objective : you will discuss about , what you want to study, which starts from the points as “To investigate, to identify, to explore, to determine”, etc.
(iii) Research Methodology

Research design & Sample Size: Under the service industry in KSA, students are required to collect data from service industries i.e., Telecom , Educational, health, insurance, and banking sector.

Data Collection: To collect Primary data Students use a questionnaire having at least 10 questions.

(iiii) Analysis & Interpretation: To interpret data, student use the appropriate Statistical analysis.

(v) Findings & Results: The result of the data should be displayed through appropriate ways i.e., percentage, frequencies, chart.
(vi) Conclusion & Recommendations: It will be one page, having paragraphs include the discussion, conclusion, and recommendation.

▪ Each chapter should be given an appropriate title

​ List of References:
​At the end of the study you will give all the references of web pages from where you got this data. At least 2 references should be used


Questionnaire is used must be attached in the Appendix.


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