A Comparison of Two Brief Therapies Appropriate for Clinical Mental Health Counselors:

pp. 67-68, 3.08, Economy of Expression 

p. 69, 3.09, Editorial “we”—“we” only refers to authors—also refers to “us,” “our,” etc.

pp. 77-78, 3.18, Use the past tense

pp. 79, 3.20, a pronoun must agree in number

pp. 81-82, 3.21, misplaced and dangling modifiers

pp. 84-86, 3.23, parallel construction

pp.73-74, 3.12, gender (use plural pronouns)

p.76, 3.15, disabilities (people before disabling condition)

pp. 88-89, 4.03, use a comma between elements

pp. 91-92, 4.07, quotation marks—do not hedge

pp.62-63, 3.02-3.03, headings

pp. 63-64, 3.04, seriation

pp. 170-171, 6.03, quotation of sources

pp.111-112, 4.31 a, b, and especially 112 e—numbers

p. 118, 4.45, use symbol for percent when it is preceded by a number

pp. 174-179, 6.11-6.21, Reference citations in text

p. 198, 7.01, general form of citation for a periodical (examples p. 198, 7.01)

Other important notes:

Do not use contractions

Do not objectify people—use participants instead of subjects

Do not overuse direct quotations

Avoid secondary citations

Avoid anthropomorphism

Avoid linear literature reviews (study by study)

Italicize technical or key terms

Italicize Likert scale descriptors—e.g. totally disagree (1)…highly agree (5)

For 3 to 6 authors, cite all authors first time and then use et al. e.g.—Brown et al. (1998)

Numbers—if under ten, write it out unless it is modifying—e.g. 3%

References to time use numbers

When comparing numbers below ten to above 10, use numbers instead of writing it out


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