A case of acute abdomen in a non-splenectomised patient with hereditary spherocytosis

Write an essay titled: A case of acute abdomen in a non-splenectomised patient with hereditary spherocytosis

You are required to construct a fictitious case study of a patient presenting with acute abdominal symptoms and a markedly elevated plasma lipase level. The patient has a history of hereditary spherocytosis and has not been splenectomised.
You will need to consider the most likely cause of the acute abdominal pain and elevated plasma lipase level in a patient with this medical history.


  • Abstract
  • Clinical presentation including presenting symptoms, past medical history and relevant current pathology results which include a markedly elevated plasma lipase
  • Treatment and disease progression and clinical outcome.
  • Discussion including a brief overview of the pathogenesis of hereditary spherocytosis and a clear explanation of the link between HS, the current pathology results and the patient’s current acute abdominal symptoms.
  • Conclusion and recommendations, summing up the case with a recommendation of how the risk of developing this critical medical condition may be minimised in patients with hereditary spherocytosis.

Word limit approximately 1500 words p(6)

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