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The literature review establishes that the research is rigorously and comprehensively grounded, and is based on a body of published information, theoretical and empirical, relevant to the study. The literature review should demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of the field and an awareness of important substantive and methodological developments related to the field. The literature review mus use primary sources, in addition to relevant secondary sources; must be critical, merely descriptive; and must be integrative, not iterative.

The literature review should cover topics related to all research questions. Organize the literature review around a set of domains of inquiry germane to the problem. Headings and subheadings should be used that relate to the areas of the study. Identify the gaps or short comings in the current knowledge that justify the research.

Summarize the body of the existing knowledge and articulate how that knowledge provides an intellectual basis for the research.

Conclude the literature review with a summary of how the research is grounded in existing knowledge, flows from that knowledge, and extends that knowledge.

Ariel font, size12, five spaces(using space bar) at the beginning of each paragraph


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