the professor comments after she saw my answers


I read your paper and it does not follow the directions for content or structure.

In fact it shows little understanding of what the course is about.



From the instructions:

“Primary themes in Tavistock are:

Authority, Boundaries, Roles, Task, and Covert Processes – projection, defense mechanisms, fright/flight/freeze, etc.

These themes all contain theories and subsets of theories, themes and topics. For example you could focus on projection and defense mechanisms and it will count as 2 primary themes and topics. Use data and examples from the group experience to illustrate your application of theory to the course experience.”


The theories listed in the opening in the paragraph do not cover any of these “Authority, Boundaries, Roles, Task, and Covert Processes – projection, defense mechanisms, fright/flight/freeze”.

And what I have read so far is your personal assumption, projection or opinion about other individuals in the course. It has nothing to do with the group. You should be focused on the group’s behavior. The place to talk about this individuals roles is who took on what roles. The place to talk about you and your experience is Section 2.


1) you must have work APA format.

2) You must follow the instructions. I am concerned that you did not understand the course or the readings. You were not meant to psychoanalysis the participants nor comment on your assumptions about their behavior.


Your behavior in the group was to consistently either break or not understand the rules. Example: Eating in class the first day. Another example is the rope exercise. When I stated the rules you kept breaking the rules.


1) I gong to give you a grade of INC – Incomplete.



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